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¡ Welcome to HerzbubeWiki !

This is my (herzbube's) personal Wiki. Account registration is closed due to spammers' abuse. Please contact me if you need an account.

The MediaWiki Handbook provides help on using this wiki and configuring a personal account.

System administration

  • My Linux administration page contains a number of sub-topics that I had to "study" in order to manage my self-hosting project
  • The RaspberryPi page has my notes on setting up a Raspberry Pi


  • The Software Engineering page provides a structured directory of various other pages on this wiki that deal with Software Engineering topics
  • One of the pages that I most frequently use is the one about learning Objective-C
  • Also pretty important is the one with in-depth information on Mac OS X programming


Music & DVD


Mac OS X

Using various programs / cmdline tools

moser-naef Informatik :-)

Other rarely used stuff