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"No cat anywhere ever gave anyone a straight answer."
-- The Cat, from "The Last Unicorn", Peter S. Beagle

Every program has at least one bug and can be shortened by at least one instruction -- from which, by induction, one can deduce that every program can be reduced to one instruction which doesn't work.

You can learn many things from children.
How much patience you have, for instance.
-- Franklin P. Jones

Eagleson's Law:
Any code of your own that you haven't looked at for six or more months, might as well have been written by someone else. (Eagleson is an optimist, the real number is more like three weeks.)

Reporter (to Mahatma Gandhi): Mr Gandhi, what do you think of Western Civilization?
Gandhi: I think it would be a good idea.

Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditur.
(Whatever is said in Latin sounds profound.)

Experience is that marvelous thing that enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again.
-- F. P. Jones

Contrary to popular belief, Unix is user friendly. It just happens to be very selective about who it decides to make friends with.
-- Anonymous

This isn't right, this isn't even wrong.
-- Wolfgang Pauli

You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes.
-- Morpheus, in "The Matrix"

A mind for ever voyaging through strange seas of thought, alone.
-- William Wordsworth about Newton, in book three of "The Prelude"

Theorie ist, wenn man alles weiss und nichts klappt. Praxis ist, wenn alles klappt und keiner weiss warum.
Hier sind Theorie und Praxis vereint: Nichts klappt und keiner weiss warum!

Es gibt nur eine einzige brauchbare Methode, die Zukunft vorherzusagen: Gib ein Versprechen und halte es.
-- Hannah Arendt