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Instead of this wiki page you could also browse through my addon collection page on

This page lists the Firefox addons that I am currently using, or have been using in the past. The list mentions where to download each addon since some of the addons do not publish their new versions on every addon directory web site.

This page also has a details section where I keep my notes about configuration, usage and problems of some addons.

Where to get addons

Here I am listing those web sites where I go "prospecting" for new addons that I don't know yet. These web sites are directories that group addons into categories and offer search functionality.

Site name URL Notes The official Firefox addon web site

List of addons

The following list is ordered alphabetically. In the "Essential" column I mark those addons that are essential for my using Firefox, i.e. those that I always install even though I may not use them on a daily basis. In the "Compatibility" column I mark those addons that have been updated to the new extension system that was introduced in November 2017.

Addon name Essential Compatibility Description Where to get it Notes
Adblock Plus (details) * * Block advertisement. link
Blur * * Block tracking ads and cookies link Because the "Do not track" header is not enough. The addon also tries to save passwords, and frequently intrudes when you enter your credentials somewhere. Alas, I haven't found a way how to disable this feature without creating an account.
Cookie AutoDelete * * Automatically delete all cookies on tab-close except those still in use on other tabs, or those from whitelisted domains. link Actually I would prefer a blacklisting addon such as the now obsolete Cookie Monster, because it's less work to maintain a blacklist with only a few baddies (currently Facebook and Google). On the other hand, working with whitelists promises to be much more thorough.
Firefox Lightbeam * Visualizes the sites you visit and their interactions link
Ghostery * * Block ads and trackers link This has the promise to replace both Adblock Plus and Blur.
Video DownloadHelper * Download and convert videos from & Co. link

Obsolete addons

The following table lists addons that I have been using in the past and that have become obsolete for one reason or another. I keep this list for historic reasons, and also to remind me to hunt for replacements in some cases.

Addon name Essential Compatibility Description Where to get it Notes
AutoPager Automatically loads the next page of a site inline when you reach the end of the current page for infinite scrolling of content. link You will only understand how useful this addon is once you have used it for a while, and then have to do without it.
BugMeNot * Bypass compulsory web registration. link BugMeNot Website
ChatZilla IRC client link
CipherFox Displays the SSL/TLS cipher and certificate chain used by the current site link If you're wondering how strong the encryption is between your client and the remote site. Has gained importance since Edward Snowden happened to the world in 2013.
Cookie Monster * Allow or block cookies on a site or domain level basis link I have started to use this addon to prevent Google from setting cookies while I am not logged in. Unfortunately, I have come to slightly strongly distrust Google... And, of course, Facebook!
FaviconizeTab Reduces the width of a tab until only its favicon is visible. link
Firebug (details) Edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page. Essentially a developer tool, but can also be useful if you just want to examine a page's content more closely. link The functionality of this addon is now part of Firefox itself.
Flattr Makes flattring easier. Visit with Firefox, an installation link will be offered. I have lost interest in Flattr, especially after they were acquired by Eyeo GmbH, the somewhat shifty publisher of Adblock Plus, in 2017.
History Submenus Places each day's browsing history in a submenu of the history menu. The point of this addon is to make the History sidebar less necessary. link No longer works in recent Firefox versions.
Live HTTP Headers View HTTP headers of a page and while browsing. link The functionality of this addon is now part of Firefox itself.
Locationbar² Structured display of the current URL in the location bar. link
Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar (duh!). link Useful for people like me who have a lot of toolbar bookmarks. Since I discovered Firefox's built-in "Tab Groups" feature, this addon is not as interesting as it used to be.
Plain Text Links Right-click on a plain text that forms an URL and select "Open this URL". link The functionality of this addon is now part of Firefox itself.
ShowIP Show IP address of current page in the status bar. link
TACO (details) * Stops behavioral advertising by 90 different companies (including Google, Microsoft and Yahoo) by permanently setting the a number of opt-out cookies. link TACO = Targeted Advertising Cookie Opt-Out. Before I used TACO I used "Google Advertising Cookie Opt-out".
Tamper Data View + modify HTTP and HTTPS headers, and post parameters link
View Cookies * Adds a tab to the Page Info dialog box, which shows the cookies belonging to the current page. link

Addon details

Adblock Plus


After installing the addon (and restarting Firefox), it presents the user with a list of pre-made filter lists that can be subscribed to. I have subscribed to "Cédric's Liste".


  • The addon website lists the advertising networks for which the addon sets opt-out cookies
  • The NAI website (Network Advertising Initiative) lists advertising networks that offer an opt-out, and also whether you have already set an opt-out cookie. This effectively allows to check if the addon is working properly. Note: AdBlock Plus may block some of the status information on the NAI website so that you will only see a blank for the blocked ad network.
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation article :