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I maintain a couple of packages in the Fink project. Maintenance in my case is maybe too strong a word, as I usually make package updates only every other year.

This page has the current list. On this wiki page I maintain my own packaging notes.

Active packages


  • Homepage:
  • Author: Dominique Unruh
  • Versions/revisions:
    • 20041017-1 (tracker item 1326172 submitted 13.10.2005)
    • 20021217-1 (tracker item 744471 submitted 17.08.2003)


Notes about making fink packages

How to make a patch file

If nothing else is stated in the .info file, fink will try to apply the patch with this command: patch -p1 <patch-file

To generate a patch file that contains the changes made to a single file:

  • Make a copy of the original file: cp foobar foobar.patched
  • Edit foobar.patched to make the desired changes
  • Change directory so that you are one level above the directory that is created when you expand the source tarball. For instance, if the result from expanding the source tarball is /tmp/foobar-1.0, then change directory to /tmp
  • Generate the patch file: diff -ru foobar-1.0/foobar foobar-1.0/foobar.patched >patch-file

A better alternative that will take into account changes made to several files:

  • Expand the source tarball twice so that you will have the same directory structure twice. For instance, make foobar-1.0 and foobar-patched
  • Make the desired changes
  • Generate the patch file: diff -ruN foobar-org foobar-patched >patch-file

The diff options have this meaning:

  • -u = Output lines of unified context (default 3)
  • -r = Recursive operation
  • -N = Treat absent files as empty

Old packages


Packages in this section have been removed from the Fink project. I keep this section for historical reasons only.



  • Homepage:
  • Versions/revisions:
    • 0.9.5-1 (update created in fink/dists/10.3 by jfmertens 20.04.2005)
    • 0.9-1 (tracker item 735880 submitted 11.05.2003)