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This page provides a basic overview of the steps necessary to configure a new iPad in my home IT environment.

Network integration

Wireless network integration

Two steps are necessary to integrate the new iPad into my home wireless network.

Configure DHCP

  • Find out the hardware (MAC) address of the iPad's wireless network adapter
    • Launch the Preferences app on the iPad
    • Navigate to Allgemein -> Info
    • The hardware address for the wireless network adapter is noted under "Wi-Fi address"
  • Add a DHCP entry to the LDAP directory, providing the device's name and hardware address
  • At the time of writing, my wireless network is The LDAP entry therefore should be something like cn=bundeslade,cn=group-,cn=dhcp,dc=herzbube,dc=ch
  • If in doubt, consult the DHCP page on this wiki

Configure the iPad to connect to the wireless network. This is done directly on the device, i.e. not via iTunes

  • Launch the Preferences app
  • Navigate to Wi-Fi
  • Enable Wi-Fi if it is not enabled
  • After a few moments my wireless network (landroval-net) should automatically show up
  • Select the network
  • Enter the password


To be able to use services such as mail and calendar provided by my server, the CAcert root certificates must be installed on the iPad:

  • Launch Safari on the iPad
  • Navigate to http://www.cacert.org/
  • Select the page that contains links to the CA's certificates
  • Install both the class 1 and class 3 certificates




  • Start out by synchronizing all apps in iTunes
  • Afterwards remove apps that are not really needed on the iPad
  • Rearrange apps directly on the iPad
  • On the next sync, iTunes will reflect the changes made on the iPad


  • Tell iTunes to synchronize only selected playlists
  • Select the following playlists to synchronize
    • Top Albums
    • Einkäufe (this acts as a sort of backup of the stuff that I bought at the iTunes Store)


  • Tell iTunes to synchronize pictures from iPhoto
  • Select the following albums to synchronize (it may be necessary to have iPhoto running in order to be able to select individual albums)
    • BestOf

Movies, TV, Podcasts, Books

  • Tell iTunes to synchronize all

Mail and calendar


  • Apple Mail must be configured with the desired IMAP accounts
  • Tell iTunes to synchronize all mail accounts
  • Before mail can actually be read on the iPad, the necessary certificates need to be installed; see above under "Network integration"


  • Calendars cannot be synchronized from iCal, they must be manually added on the iPad device
  • Refer to the DAViCal page for details how to do this


Tell iTunes to synchronize all of the following

  • Addressbook contacts
  • Safari bookmarks
  • Notes