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This page is a rough inventory of my collection of Magic: The Gathering (or MtG) trading cards.

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Card conditions

On this page I am using the following categories for denoting card conditions. The description for each category, including an example image, can be found on

  • Mint
  • Near Mint (NM)
  • Excellent (EX)
  • Fine (F)
  • Good (G)
  • Poor (P)

Booster Boxes

In Stock Expansion Notes
17 Ice Age Shrink-wrapped
1 Ice Age Open, 1 booster pack is missing (i.e. the open box contains 35 booster packs)
0 Alliances Shrink-wrapped

Single Cards

Single cards from Alpha edition

Condition Number of cards in stock Card name Color Expansion Notes
EX 1 Black Lotus Artifact Alpha
1 Copper Tablet Artifact Alpha
1 Cyclopean Tomb Artifact Alpha
2 Forcefield Artifact Alpha
2 Gauntlet of Might Artifact Alpha
3 Jade Statue Artifact Alpha
G 1 Mox Emerald Artifact Alpha Large amount of edge wear, no tears or creases or other defects.
EX 1 Mox Jet Artifact Alpha
F 1 Mox Pearl Artifact Alpha
EX, almost NM 1 Mox Ruby Artifact Alpha
F 1 Mox Sapphire Artifact Alpha Signed by Dan Frazier
1 Obsianus Golem Artifact Alpha Written in black on the front, next to the printed "Artifact Creature" text, is this number: 111143
1 Lich Black Alpha
2 Sinkhole Black Alpha
1 Word of Command Black Alpha
EX, almost NM 1 Ancestral Recall Blue Alpha
1 Jump Blue Alpha
4 Psionic Blast Blue Alpha
EX 1 Timetwister Blue Alpha
1 Berserk Green Alpha
2 Ice Storm Green Alpha
1 False Orders Red Alpha
3 Raging River Red Alpha
1 Consecrate Land White Alpha

Single cards from Beta edition

Condition Number of cards Card name Color Expansion Notes
1 Copper Tablet Artifact Beta
1 Dingus Egg Artifact Beta
2 Gauntlet of Might Artifact Beta
1 Helm of Chatzuk Artifact Beta
1 Jade Monolith Artifact Beta
1 Jade Statue Artifact Beta
1 Kormus Bell Artifact Beta
1 Sol Ring Artifact Beta
1 The Hive Artifact Beta
EX 1 Time Vault Artifact Beta
1 Demonic Hordes Black Beta
2 Lich Black Beta
1 Will-O'-The-Wisp Black Beta
1 Zombie Master Black Beta
1 Drain Power Blue Beta
1 Jump Blue Beta
1 Pirate Ship Blue Beta
1 Cockatrice Green Beta
1 Ice Storm Green Beta
1 Granite Gargoyle Red Beta
2 Raging River Red Beta
1 Farmstead White Beta

Single cards from Unlimited edition

Condition Number of cards Card name Color Expansion Notes
1 Ankh of Mishra Artifact Unlimited
1 Chaos Orb Artifact Unlimited
2 Copper Tablet Artifact Unlimited
2 Cyclopean Tomb Artifact Unlimited
1 Dingus Egg Artifact Unlimited
1 Forcefield Artifact Unlimited
1 Icy Manipulator Artifact Unlimited
1 Illusionary Mask Artifact Unlimited
2 Jayemdae Tome Artifact Unlimited
1 Deathlace Black Unlimited
1 Demonic Hordes Black Unlimited
1 Lich Black Unlimited
2 Nightmare Black Unlimited
2 Sinkhole Black Unlimited
1 Word of Command Black Unlimited
2 Copy Artifact Blue Unlimited
1 Drain Power Blue Unlimited
1 Invisibility Blue Unlimited
1 Jump Blue Unlimited
2 Lord of Atlantis Blue Unlimited
2 Mana Short Blue Unlimited
1 Thought Lace Blue Unlimited
NM 1 Time Walk Blue Unlimited
1 Twiddle Blue Unlimited Signed by Rob Alexander
2 Vesuvan Doppelganger Blue Unlimited
1 Aspect of Wolf Green Unlimited
1 Camouflage Green Unlimited
2 Cockatrice Green Unlimited
2 Force of Nature Green Unlimited
2 Gaea's Liege Green Unlimited
1 Ice Storm Green Unlimited
1 Lifelace Green Unlimited
1 Natural Selection Green Unlimited
1 Verduran Enchantress Green Unlimited
2 Bayou Dual Land Unlimited
1 Savannah Dual Land Unlimited Signed by Rob Alexander
3 Taiga Dual Land Unlimited 1 signed by Rob Alexander
1 Tropical Island Dual Land Unlimited
1 Tundra Dual Land Unlimited
1 Underground Sea Dual Land Unlimited
1 Volcanic Island Dual Land Unlimited
1 Chaoslace Red Unlimited
2 Dwarven Demolition Team Red Unlimited
2 Earthquake Red Unlimited
3 False Orders Red Unlimited
4 Granite Gargoyle Red Unlimited
2 Ironclaw Orcs Red Unlimited
4 Power Surge Red Unlimited
3 Two-headed Giant of Foriys Red Unlimited
1 Balance White Unlimited
2 Blaze of Glory White Unlimited
3 Consecrate Land White Unlimited
2 Northern Paladin White Unlimited
2 Personal Incarnation White Unlimited
1 Reverse Damage White Unlimited
1 Savannah Lions White Unlimited

Promo & other single cards

Condition Number of cards Card name Color Expansion Notes
1 Mana Crypt Artifact Promo
1 Sewers of Estark Black Promo
2 Counterspell Blue Promo (DCI Legend)
1 Giant Badger Green Promo
1 Arena Green Promo Signed by Rob Alexander
2 Incinerate Red Promo (DCI Legend)
1 Nalathni Dragon Red Promo
1 Windseeker Centaur Red Promo


Expansion Set status Cards with artist signature Other notes
Arabian Nights Missing card: Mountain. Also missing are some cards with variant artwork. Kaja Foglio (Cuombajj Witches, Sorceress Queen, Bird Maiden, Shahrazad), Rob Alexander (Singing Tree, Elephant Graveyard)
Antiquities Complete Kaja Foglio (Millstone, Energy Flux, all 4 of Mishra's Factory, Mishra's Workshop), Pete Venters (Circle of Protection: Artifacts) All cards with variant artwork are present (e.g. Urza's lands)
Legends Complete Byron Wackwitz (Pendelhaven, Angus Mackenzie), Kaja Foglio (Al-abara's Carpet, North Star, Eureka, Rabid Wombat, Kismet), Phil Foglio (Mirror Universe, Gaseous Form, Killer Bees), Rob Alexander (Rubinia Soulsinger, Floral Spuzzem), Daniel Gelon (Telekinesis, Enchant Creature)
Revised Edition TODO TODO TODO
Fallen Empires TODO TODO TODO
Weatherlight TODO TODO TODO