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On this page I try to maintain a table with keyboard shortcuts that I actually use. The goal is to be able to quickly find out whether I have already used a certain shortcut, and for what purpose.

Movement and viewport

Shortcut Purpose Blizzard default Addon Remarks
W, A, S, D, Q, E Move forward/backward, turn left/right, strafe left/right x
Spacebar Jump/Move up x
X Sit down/Move down x
Help/Del Pitch up/down x
End/Home Next/previous view x
Mouse wheel up/down Zoom in/out x
$ Flip camera
F6 Mount Triggers the macro which is defined by the Mount addon. For this to work, both the macro and the shortcut must be assigned to an action button.


Shortcut Purpose Blizzard default Addon Remarks
Tab Target nearest enemy x
Ctrl + Tab Target nearest friend x
F1-F5 Target self, target party members 2-4 x
Ctrl + F Focus unit = current target unit x
Shift + Ctrl + F Target unit = current focus unit x
Ctrl + T Set target according to a pre-defined targetting macro Useful for finding elusive mobs or quest givers.
Shift + F Set targetted player to assist Schnoggo's Simple Assist The addon will learn the currently targetted player to be the "assist" player.
F Assist learned player Schnoggo's Simple Assist The addon will assist the previously learned player.


Shortcut Purpose Blizzard default Addon Remarks
F7 Combat rotation Triggers a /castsequence macro that contains the current character's main combat rotation.
Ctrl + P Pull Triggers an ability that pulls the currently targetted enemy.
Ctrl + F6 Taunting ability 1 This should be the single-target taunting ability, if one is available
Ctrl + F7 Taunting ability 2 This should be the AoE taunting ability, if one is available

Eating, drinking, buffing, healing

Shortcut Purpose Blizzard default Addon Remarks
Ctrl + F1 Healing Potion
Ctrl + F2 Healing ability 1
Ctrl + F3 Healing ability 2
Ctrl + F4 Mana Potion
Ctrl + F5 Mana recovery ability 1


Shortcut Purpose Blizzard default Addon Remarks
Z Sheath/Unsheath weapon x
Enter Open chat x
R Chat reply x
0-9, ', ^ Action bar 1, button 1-12 (action bar 1) x
Ctrl + 0-9, ', ^ Action bar 2, button 1-2 Bartender4
Shift + 1-6 Action page 1-6 x
V Show enemy name plates x
C, P, N, L, O, Y, I, M, Escape Toggle panes: character, spellbook, talent, quest log, social, achievement, Dungeon Finder, world map, game menu x
H Toggle PvP pane x Although I don't really use this pane because I almost never play PvP, it is one of the main panes of the game whose shortcut I don't want to be overwritten.
B Open all bags
Alt + Z Toggle user interface x
§ Screenshot
Ctrl + Y Say "yes" to Auctioneer Triggers a pre-defined macro that simulates a click on the "yes" button of the Auctioneer dialog which asks if I really want to purchase an item.
F8-F13 Stances 1-6 Bartender4 Used for changing forms as Druid, or changing auras as Paladin. When switching to the Druid restoration spec, the Druid tree form, unfortunately, inserts itself in front of flight form so that flight form does not always have the same shortcut.
Alt + I Open the Informant window Informant
Ctrl + W Change weapon Triggers a pre-defined macro that changes the current weapon. Useful for cycling between: Normal weapon, fishing pole, jousting lance.

Unclaimed shortcuts

  • Backspace
  • G, J, K, T, U
  • Shift + A-E, G-Z, 0, 7-9, ', ^
  • Ctrl + A-E, G-O, Q-S, U, V, X, Z
  • Alt + A-H, J-Y, 0-9, ', ^
  • Shift + F1-F13
  • Ctrl + F9-F13
  • Alt + F1-F13