Dragon Go Server


Download sources and images from

I am currently using the snapshot from January 7th 2007


Installation according to the INSTALL file inside the "Sources" snapshot.

mkdir /var/www/dragongoserver
tar xfvz /var/archive/dragongoserver/DragonGoServer.tar.gz
mv DragonGoServer/* .
rm -r DragonGoServer
tar xfvz /var/archive/dragongoserver/images.tar.gz
find . -type d -name CVS -exec rm -r {} \;
chown -R www-data:www-data .
chmod 640 include/config.php
chmod 775 translations


Create MySQL database and user


Create database tables:

mysql -D dragongoserver -u dragongoserver -p<password> <init.mysql

Add "admin" user (a "guest" user is already present):

insert into Players set Handle='admin', Name='Administrator', Password=PASSWORD('<passwd'), Adminlevel=-1;

Web server integration

Add the following block to the Apache configuration:

Alias /dragongoserver/ /var/www/dragongoserver/
<Directory /var/www/dragongoserver/>
  Require all granted
  <IfModule mod_php5.c>
    php_admin_flag engine on

PHP script modifications

Add MySQL details to


Comment that part of the code that prints out the "Hosted by" footer line (i.e. the entire table) in




mlrate (1.2 at the time of writing):

nngs (1.1.20 at the time of writing):

Build the software

Create a base directory:

mkdir nngs

Extract both tar balls inside the base directory.

The mlrate package needs to be located inside the nngs tree, otherwise nngs will not be able to find it at link time later on.

mv mlrate nngs-1.1.20
cd nngs-1.1.20/mlrate
mkdir src
mv * src

Some files need to be changed, otherwise the external variable opterr will not be recognized by the compiler. These files are affected:

  • src/mlrate.c
  • src/rhistory.c
  • src/t2res.c

The following line needs to be added to each of the files:

#include <getopt.h>