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This page is intended to keep track of my progress in becoming a Developed Borg Sun Certified Java Developer.


I'm going to work on the project one half or more each day. Assuming that the work involved is about 1 full month, I hope to finish the project in 2 month's time, at the end of March.

Schedule and progress

Milestone Tasks Date planned Date reached Remarks
Setup Project setup finished
Assignment understood
Follow-up milestones defined
February 7th February 9th
Initial model Use cases
Threading overview (both server and client)
Client/server communication model (with and without network)
February 14th
Iteration 1 Read & write data file (part of server component)
Test harness
Packaging script
February 21st
Iteration 2 Communication layer in server
Basic non-GUI client
One-to-one client-server communication
February 28th
Iteration 3 Networking March 7th
Iteration 4 Threading (server-side), i.e. many-to-one client-server communication
Add capability for multiple clients to test harness
March 14th
Iteration 5 GUI design & implementation March 21st
Iteration 6 Final GUI design & implemenation March 28th
Cleanup Reserve iteration for final work & cleanup April 2nd
Submission Submit finished project to Sun April 18th

Research from Sun's website

The main page for the certification is here (German).

To achieve the SCJD certification, one needs to complete a programming assignment, and write an essay which serves to prove that the finished program was not written by someone else. The exam exists in only one form, i.e. there are no variants for J2SE 5 and J2SE 6.

The certification code for the programming assignment is CX-310-252A. The code for the exam is CX-310-027.

More links:

  • Preparation courses: here (German)