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The de-facto standard to use QEMU on the Mac for me is the GUI frontend Q.app. Its homepage is located here:


Add files to a FreeDOS hard disk image

On short notice, I have not found a way to access a directory on my Mac from within the FreeDOS machine. By making a copy of a directory's content, however, it is possible to make the directory available.

The copy of the directory must be placed inside a QEMU disk image. Either modify the FreeDOS hard disk image itself, or create a new image and mount that image in the machine configuration as a new hard disk drive.

The disk image must be of type "raw". By giving a "raw" disk image the file extension .img, it is possible to mount the image within the Finder and add the desired directory to the mounted image.

If a disk image (e.g. the FreeDOS hard disk image) exists only as .qcow2, it must be converted to "raw". For instance:

cd /Users/Shared/Emulatoren/QEmu/FreeDOS100.qvm
/Applications/Emulatoren/Q.app/Contents/MacOS/qemu-img convert Harddisk_1.qcow2 Harddisk_1.img
open Harddisk_1.img

After converting the FreeDOS hard disk image and adding files to it, the machine in Q.app must be configured to use the converted/modified .img disk image. Or, even better, convert the modified disk image back to .qcow2:

qemu-img convert -c -O qcow2 Harddisk_1.img xxx.qcow2