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This page contains notes about licensing issues when publishing OSS software.



Apache License

  • A copy of the Apache License 2.0 can be downloaded here
  • The License contains an appendix that describes how to apply the license to a project. This is rather terse and describes only the boilerplate copyright notice that should be added to each source file
  • The following document is more detailed but is geared towards ASF projects:
  • My understanding of how it works is this:
    • Save a copy of the license to a file named LICENSE at the top directory of the distribution. This is good practice, although it would probably be allowed to name and place the file differently.
    • Attach a copyright notice to every source code file and every documentation file that contains creative work. The boilerplate example for this notice can be found as an appendix at the end of the Apache License text.
    • Not strictly necessary, but good practice (applied by the ASF for their own projects) is to create a file named NOTICE in the same directory as the LICENSE file. This file is used to collect copyright notices and required attributions for any other software included/used by the project. This is an example.

BSD License